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Are you the prey? No, you’re the hunter—a Supernatural hunter by the name of Sam Winchester, that is. If only the owner of samwinchester on Tumblr would actually embrace their username, and post about… well, Sam Winchester.

Samwinchester, whose given name is Laura, doesn’t seem to carethat her gangly, taller namesake (played by Jared Padalecki) and his brother Dean Winchester have catapulted their show to a nine-season run on the CW and an enormous, zealous fanbase.

No, all she cares about is the hit anime Attack on Titan. And man, is the Supernatural fandom ticked about it.

Look, snagging a username like samwinchester on Tumblr is a once-in-a-lifetime stroke of luck.  It’s one that Laura, the fangirl behind the username, takes every opportunity to gloat over—as she gaily posts about everything except Sam Winchester. Her last post about Sam was more than two weeks ago. After rummaging back 15 pages on her Tumblr looking for a post about Supernatural, we gave up.

That explains why she’s been pelted with angry Tumblr messagesdemanding that she put up or shut up. Apparently, one does not simply snag a name like samwinchester and then refuse to post about Sam Winchester.

Is she the ultimate troll? Nah. She’s actually an SPN fan. She also just really loves Armin Arlert, who is perhaps the most tragic ofAttack on Titan’s characters—if you can say that about anything ina show where people routinely get eaten.  Then again, Supernaturalis hardly a walk in the park. It also has scary monsters, homoerotic male bonding, and an unusually large number of hot men per capita. Surely these two fandoms can get along?

Not quite. Because in addition to hording the name samwinchester, Laura is also a Dean/Castiel shipper. This is apparently a cardinal sin among a large number of Sam fans, many of whom shipSupernatural’s other popular duo, Sam/Dean.

To be fair, the SPN fandom hasn’t had an easy time, what with their creative team apparently dedicated to infesting their show withhomoerotic subtext and then never letting any of it pay off. It’s enough to make anyone a little incensed.

But maybe samwinchester could throw the Sam fans a bone and at least post about the guy once in a while.

This article is disgusting. 

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Actors Tom Hiddleston and Daniel Radcliffe attend the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival on September 6, 2013 in Toronto, Canada.

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